Our companies

Development is a collaborative effort. In this process, we find it important to place the end-user central. We always strive to give them control back over their own health, where a healthy lifestyle is the standard. We aim to bring this philosophy into each of our companies.

BN IT Software

Our software—whether or not supported by our service center and/or medical staff—enables you to always keep an eye on your patients. It results in less stress and time pressure. A better overview, more space, and attention for patients with special needs.

BN IT Equipment

Cost-reducing, sustainable, and more efficient use of medical equipment. Need medical equipment but find it too expensive to purchase? At BN IT Equipment, we rent out medical devices to ensure patients are cared for at all times.

BN IT Ventures

Rental and leasing of other machinery, equipment, and goods (excluding vending machines).


Health247 is a platform/community designed to promote a healthy lifestyle by offering tips, advice, and initiatives for remote healthcare, self-monitoring, and a healthy way of living. Additionally, Health247 serves as a support desk that strives to assist users as personally as possible with medical, health, and technical questions.